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Edinburgh Tamil Sangam

Edinburgh Tamil Sangam is the Castle for Tamil Arts, Culture and Education for all the Tamils who live in and around the Scottish capital city. We are a non-profit, non-political and non-partisan registered Charity with a strong aim of sustaining our Great Tamil culture and passing it to our Future generations.

We have grown into a strong organization that helps non-Tamils understand the culture and Arts of the Tamil people to create mutual connections that benefit all.

Edinburgh Tamil Sangam organises three regular events every year, the Tamil New Year’s Day, a family summer BBQ and Deepavali. ETS organises various fund raising and social events to reach out and help those in desperate need.

Edinburgh Tamil Sangam

Latest Events

  • 2020 – Virtual Events
    ETS invites artists to perform for it virtually twice this year and its Deepavali is celebrated as a Virtual event.
  • 2020 – ETS and COVID
    ETS participates in raising multiple funds to support charities in India and UK for people struggling due to the impact of COVID.
  • January 2020
    ETS conducts its first Pongal event an exhibition cum arts shows which is a great advertisement for how important Pongal is for all Tamils.
  • October 2019
    The ETS 2019 Deepavali is not only sold out, but also over-subscribed. This leads to a change to a new venue, a school in Livingston. An estimated total of 600 people attend the event in what is the largest gathering ever for ETS.

Featured Program

ETS Vanga Pesalam Pongal 2021