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Welcome to Edinburgh Tamil Sangam

வருக , வணக்கம்

Edinburgh Tamil Sangam is the Castle for Tamil Arts, Culture and Education for all the Tamils who live in and around the Scottish capital city. We are a non-profit, non-political and non-partisan registered Charity with a strong aim of sustaining our Great Tamil culture and passing it to our Future generations.

We have grown into a strong organization that helps non-Tamils understand the culture and Arts of the Tamil people to create mutual connections that benefit all.

Edinburgh Tamil Sangam organises three regular events every year, the Tamil New Year’s Day, a family summer BBQ and Deepavali. ETS organises various fund raising and social events to reach out and help those in desperate need.

ETS’s events serve as a portal to showcase the rich talent of its supporters, particularly serves to give wonderful opportunities to the younger generation of artists, a lot of whom who had been born and raised in Scotland.

ETS’s social pages act as a central location for the Tamil community to share information and to seek help from the community. It serves to broadcast news and events that will benefit all its followers.

The ETS Trustees

Edinburgh Tamil Sangam has a group of dedicated volunteers give their time to organise events that draws together huge numbers of people and give them a strong feeling of Home away from Home.

The Events take months to organise, and our trustees commit their time voluntarily for the well-being and happiness of the Tamil community of Edinburgh. The events are known for their superb organisation and are normally sold-out days in advance.

Office Bearers

  • Natarajan Srinivasan – President
  • Shanthi Shivakumar – Vice President
  • Madhan Murugesan – Secretary
  • Nagendran Prakash Rao – Vice Secretary
  • Peter Antony Arokiaraj – Treasurer

Management Committee Members

  • Arunkumar Chandrasekaran
  • BarathKumar Sakthikumar
  • Devanathan Sethuraman
  • Ganesa Murthi Jothimayam
  • Gnanamurugan Chengalvarayan
  • Gokulprasath Balajiprasath
  • Sandhya Thiru
  • Sathesh Kumar K Sengottain
  • Suchitra Haridas
  • Vinod Murugesan

Edinburgh Tamil Sangam Timeline


January 25

2020 – Virtual Events

ETS invites artists to perform for it virtually twice this year and its Deepavali is celebrated as a Virtual event.
January 15

2020 – ETS and COVID

ETS participates in raising multiple funds to support charities in India and UK for people struggling due to the impact of COVID.
January 14

January 2020

ETS conducts its first Pongal event an exhibition cum arts shows which is a great advertisement for how important Pongal is for all Tamils.
October 15

October 2019

The ETS 2019 Deepavali is not only sold out, but also over-subscribed. This leads to a change to a new venue, a school in Livingston. An estimated total of 600 people attend the event in what is the largest gathering ever for ETS.
July 1

Late 2018 in to 2019

In a first of its kind, ETS raises funds to help in the recovery following the Gajja Cyclone and raises hundreds of pounds from its generous supporters.
June 1

June 2018

ETS has become big and decide it is time to deeply involve public in decision making and to have much greater access to Government Grants. It decides to officially become a Charity. Her first Annual General Meeting is held that year to elect Trustees to run the organisation.
April 1

April 2016

The ETS Tamil New Year’s Day finds a new home in Crammond Church community centre, with the events focussed on native Tamil arts and culture.
November 8

November 2015

With what has now become the ‘Flagship’ event for ETS, the Deepavali is now being attended by hundreds of patronising guests. It needs a larger venue and it’s moved to the Dalkeith Community Campus outside the city. In what will soon become a famous addition to the event, a Live..Read More
November 1

2014 and 2015

The events become ever more popular with the first BBQ event held in July 2015.
November 1

November 2013

ETS’s Deepavali is celebrated with pomp and splendour as a large gathering in Forrester High School. Guests are treated to a great show of Tamil Art and Culture as well as some sumptuous delicious Deepavali Dinner.
April 1

April 2013

The Tamil New Year’s Day is celebrated as a gathering in a church, which ‘unofficially’ marks the Birth of Edinburgh Tamil Sangam. There are about 80 people in the gathering, new friends are made, and pledge is made to enjoy and support each other in Edinburgh.
May 1

1999 to 2013

A small group of Tamil families in Edinburgh meet, greet and form a small community which look after each other. As the years pass, the numbers in the group keep growing. They share all the good times together until…


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